Make a Fall Centerpiece

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Make a Fall Centerpiece

Nothing puts a smile on kid’s faces like breaking out the Thanksgiving decorations…after all, November 1st in my house means the holidays have begun. While I absolutely adore my Thanksgiving Cornucopia, it is an arrangement that needs to be made right before Thanksgiving since I use real flowers and fruits.

I was looking to create something that has the same “harvest” feel of the cornucopia….something that I could assemble on November 1st and roll right through the month with. This arrangement is elegant, yet easy to assemble and it can remain on the table during a meal without obstructing the view of my family and friends.  I have to say it was sort of a happy accident.  I saw a picture of fruits and vegetables laid out down the center of a dining table and I loved the effect.  I set out to create a similar look, but self-contained so that it was moveable.

First, I chose a pretty, shallow iron bread basket (from Home Goods), oblong in shape, and added faux fruit and pumpkins.  To give the fall centerpiece a more realistic look, I gathered leaves from my yard and interspersed them among the fruit and around the perimeter of the basket.  And then for height, I used wired feathers (found at the craft store) and tied them around stalks of faux berries. The feathers are tucked into the fruit at different eye levels on each side to add visual interest. I finish the whole look with tall candles on both side and votives scattered around all around the table.  I love this look so much; I may just leave it as my Thanksgiving centerpiece and embellish it with real fruit for the holiday.

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