Flower Cake

One “Sweet” Flower Cake

April is birthday month in our house. We not only have extended family members with birthdays in this month, but our oldest daughter was born in April.  Needless to say, the whole month is pretty much dedicated to talking about, planning for, and celebrating her special day!

So, my beautiful little girl (who is rapidly becoming a big girl) and I made a very sweet cake entirely out of fresh flowers as the centerpiece to her birthday table.  Assembling the cake is super simple, and the flowers will last for about a week as long as you sprits them with water once a day.  Watch the video above to learn how to create this at home, and I think you will agree that this cake is just too adorable for words!

To my wonderful daughter; Happy Birthday, sweetheart! I could not love you more!

We have a great grill, but now we don’t eat meat. Any ideas on how to keep it interesting on the grill, without getting too complicated?

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